Saturday, October 13, 2012

Birthday Onesie!

Let me tell ya... Making all of these adorable little girly outfits is killing me! Someone needs to talk my sweet fiance into giving me more babies. Ha!
So, this onesie was made for a lovely customer who wanted something cute for her little Ladybug's 1st birthday. I was more than happy to make her exactly what she wanted! I had a little chiffon issue at first. Who knew this stuff frayed like crazy?! After getting that figured out, I was on a roll! I am so pleased with the finished product and I hope little miss is too!! If you would like a special birthday outfit for your little one, you can send me an email at I LOVE making custom items!!

Sunday, January 29, 2012


I saw a recipe on Pinterest for Flubber earlier today. After sitting around the house with three boys being bored out of our minds, I decided a project was much needed. So, I pulled up the Flubber recipe and herded everyone into the kitchen. My fiance was a little skeptical, but I was determined to entertain. Ha!
This stuff was SO easy to make AND I had the supplies on hand! My 2yo has been sitting at the kitchen table playing with this stuff for well over an hour! He's "hiding" his guys in it and making little bouncy balls. This was definitely what we needed for this boring day.

Here's the link to the recipe!

Love Bug!

I'm fairly sure this is one of my favorite orders! I love tutus! Throw in a cute appliqued onesie and I am in LOVE!!

E-reader Covers!!

Colees Crafts is now selling these little gems! They are all custom made which means YOU get to pick the colors and pattern of your cover! They can be made for the Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and iPad!
You can place your order by emailing me at! Make sure you "like" Colees Crafts on Facebook!