Sunday, February 13, 2011

One year in and I LOVE IT!!

Nearly one year ago we decided to start cloth diapering our then one year old. After reading tons of blogs and reviews on CDs, I decided we were going to use cloth wipes as well. This is where my love of sewing comes in. I couldn't fathom spending $10 on some washcloths (I mean lets be real here, they are basically washcloths), so I decided I was going to make them myself. I called my mother in law to see if she had any needles and thread. I was going to do this by hand. She brings me the bag of goodies and leaves. No instruction. Nothing. I figured it couldn't be that hard, right? Wrong. I poked myself with the needle repeatedly. Not on purpose. Obviously. I finally caved and called my fiance's BFF's mom. Say that 10 times fast. She came over and gave me a quick lesson on sewing by hand. It worked... a little. I finally called my step dads wife (Am I confusing you yet?) and asked her if I could borrow her machine. I headed over that night and grabbed her machine. I had NO CLUE what I was doing. I literally had never sewn a day in my life. I bring the beast home and stare at it. No clue what to do next. I think I assumed it would be easy. I would plug it in and create wonderful little cloth wipes. Not quite. I asked my fiance to "FIX IT NOW!". He looked at me like I was insane and called the BFFs mom for me. After hours of her trying to explain how it works, (Mind you, she's been sewing for years.) it clicked. I made a set of cloth wipes, which were used a total of zero times (diaper wipes are just so much easier with three kids). After that, I was hooked! A few months later I started my Colees Crafts page and began selling my goodies to friends. Once they told their friends, they told their friends and the cycle kind went on from there. I'm not banking with my sewing hobby (partly because I spend 90% of what I make on more fabric.), but I really enjoy it. When I look back at one year ago, I realize I really wasn't that great at it. I loved doing it though so I kept making more things. I'm not perfect either. My lines are sometimes crooked and sometimes I have to trash too much fabric because I screwed something up. I enjoy it though. (I know I've already said that a few times.) With three boys and a fiance, I need something to keep me sane.

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