Friday, September 9, 2011

A little bit about me

This probably should have been the first post, but I'm not the most organized person and I tend to go with what I'm thinking about at the moment.

My name is Nichole. I am a stay at home mom to three little boys. "J" is my oldest son. He's four and about as crazy as they come. He is super hyper and will run laps around my house, but as soon as he sees me he'll run up just to ask for a hug and to give me a kiss. Other than those rare moments, he does not sit still. I guess he's a typical 4 year old, but I've never raised a 4 year old so to ME he's crazy. He's so full of energy it's insane. If I had 1/4 of his energy my house would be spotless and dinner would be ready when my fiance walked in the door. I don't though. So, my house is not spotless and sometimes dinner is pizza from Little Ceasars. "J" will be starting school for the first time EVER on Monday. I swear I am more nervous than he is. I know he'll do great! I'm not nervous about him freaking out when we leave, I'm nervous for the teachers who have to try to get this ball of energy to sit still for 3 1/2 hours. Good luck with that!
Middle son.... "B". He is the most amazing little guy I could have asked for. He was a colicky mess for the first 8 months of his life and more than once I had considered dropping him off at an adoption agency (Kidding!!). He is now 2 and seriously the total opposite of what I expected him to be. He's so sweet! He'll randomly come up to hug me and tell me he loves me. Don't get me wrong though. He's not always sweet and loving. He's got his grandpas attitude. SUPER laid back, but if you tick him off it's game over. You don't tell "B" no. You just don't. If he's getting in to something or beating up "J", you just divert his attention to something else. If by chance you are feeling daring and tell him no, he will lower his head and give you the death stare. Sometimes he'll stop there... other times he goes in a full on freak out. I mean screaming and throwing himself on the ground. That's why we just take him away from the situation and act like nothing happened. Maybe I spoil him a little and never yell at him. That could totally be why he's so evil. lol
Youngest... Little "M". He's my itty bitty baby. He's pushing 8 months now! Crazy!! Little "M" decided to pop out at 30 weeks and give us all the scare of our life. I had no complications during my pregnancy with him. Everything was fine. I was laying in bed one night and BAM! I was laying in a puddle. So, after 3 days in the hospital (keep in mind those three days were spent crying hysterically every time someone looked at me. Hey, I missed my boys.) they realized his heart rate was dropping. After a quick emergency c-sections, "M" was here. He spent close to two months in the NICU where he was quiet as a mouse and the nurses favorite. Fast forward to two weeks at home. He was colicky. I don't mean crying. I mean full on screaming ALL DAY LONG. Talk about a stressed out mommy. The colic is finally letting up and we are getting to know the real "M". He's sweet and full of smiles. He loves to be held and sleeps like a champ from 7pm-8am every day. I actually get a full night sleep every night. It's pretty great.

So, that is my quick story. There is much much more. Maybe one day when I feel like exposing myself a little more, I'll sit down and tell the whole story. Today is not one of those days. I'm in a good mood and I plan on keeping it that way. :)

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