Wednesday, March 13, 2013

100 days to go!

I have definitely been slacking on posting my wedding DIYs. Hopefully I can squeeze in a few more posts before our big day!! Here's what I've finished up so far!!

 First up, we've got a ring bearer pillow. I love love love the lace on this! Since we have three little men as our ring bearers, I'm going to make 2 smaller ones for the other two guys to carry.
 The centerpieces. These will have fresh daises and baby's breath in them. I can't wait to see the way the lights in the hall make them look. I have a feeling they're going to look amazing!
 These are the bridesmaids gifts. (I sure hope none of them follow my blog! lol) I have since filled them with items they'll need for the big day. Deodorant, mints, bobby pins, and some other goodies.
 My garter. Looking back, I wish I would have added "something blue" in there. Oh well. I'm sure I can find something blue.
 These lovely little flowers are for my bridesmaids. I am going with cute and simple for our wedding and I think these definitely fit!
 Squee!! My bouquet! I am so so so so thrilled with the way this turned out! I've changed a few things since this pic. You'll have to wait until the wedding to see the pics of it. ;)
 This was by far my favorite project. I am NOT a heels kind of girl. I am all about comfort. I swear to you I will wear flip flops until the first snow. They are just so comfy and easy to slip on! The white pair is mine. I doubt anyone will see them, but I don't care. I love them. The others are for my lovely bridesmaids. I want them to be comfy too!
 These don't fit the color scheme of the wedding, but I want the girls to have something cute that they can use every day and I feel like these fit. I hope they like them!!
Last but not least (not DIY either) is my ring! It finally came in and I LOVE it! Seriously, I could stare at it all day. <3

Check back! I'll be posting my last minute DIYs soon!

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  1. How fun - and beautiful ring!! Thanks for linking up at the Pinterest Power Party!