Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Chevron? CHECK! Polka Dots? CHECK!

*Sigh* It's dresses like this that make me wish we had a little girl. Seriously. How adorable is this dress?!
I sat here pondering (yes. I ponder. :P) the fabric choice for this dress. I dove into my fabric closet and came out with this black and white chevron that I had purchased from JoAnn's months ago. I had forgotten all about it! As soon as I found it, I knew it was the perfect fabric for this dress. I dove in again looking for a contrasting fabric and found the large dots but only had enough for the bottom. After searching a bit more, I found the tiny dots fabric (I'm sure there's a real name for these fabrics, but I don't know them) and had enough for the sleeves. How perfect is that?
I was a bit nervous about making this dress because I have never sewn anything with sleeves. For some reason sleeves scare me. I had purchased this pattern after a good friend told me she needed a boho chic dress for her daughter. I wasn't daring enough to try it out on the fabric for her dress though. Instead I used the chev and I am so glad I did because I learned that I CAN make a dress with sleeves AND it turned out perfect so I can sell it! Yay!!
If you'd like to purchase this dress or order a custom dress for your daughter, feel free to shoot me an email! coleescrafts@yahoo.com

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